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3 Reasons to Choose Aluminum Garden Furniture

Dec. 16, 2020

3 Reasons to Choose Aluminum Garden FurnitureHave you noticed that most of the outdoor garden furniture is made of aluminum? Although there are many styles of outdoor garden furniture which made from different materials such as wood, teak, cast iron and steel, stainless steel, and so on, aluminum remains the most popular choice. What makes aluminum outdoor garden furniture so popular?

1. Lightweight

3 Reasons to Choose Aluminum Garden Furniture

The lightweight character makes any aluminium outdoor garden furniture easily moved or carried by anyone, making it cheaper to transport. For example outdoor chairs made from aluminum weight about 1/4 than one that is made from steel. Despite it being lightweight, aluminum outdoor furniture is strong enough to withstand heavy weight. It is actually similar when it comes to iron or steel patio furniture, but it is far lighter than tropical hardwoods.

2.Durable and Low Maintenance

3 Reasons to Choose Aluminum Garden Furniture

Aluminum, unlike iron or steel, it does not get rust. A lot of materials can be easily damaged in a short time when they exposed to the moist or salty outdoor air. There is a very thin oxide layer on its surface, protects the rest of the material from further damaging or weatherizing. This allows aluminum outdoor furniture to withstand the effects of rain, acidity and salinity, especially in seaside environments.  Aluminum furniture keeps its finish even when exposed to long periods of sunlight. Aluminum powder-coat finishes are easily maintained and they do not require periodic refinishing and stripping like wood or steel does. You can only spray with clear water or a mild soapy mixture to remove dust and dirt, which you can do it yourself.


Aluminum is a very versatile material, it can be extruded or cast into any design or shape in automated factory processes. Also, the melting point of aluminum is far lower than steel or iron, so the processes needed to produce it are less energy-intensive than other metals. This is also helpful if your deck or poolside is exposed to salt air, which tends to eat away at paint and untreated metal. In fact, aluminum is widely used, not only in furniture, but as accessories, decorative items as well. Outdoor garden furniture can be framed with aluminum, attached with PE rattan, polyester rope, fabric, textilene, cushion, which will have competitive prices. It's suitable for any outdoor patio of any restaurants, bars, bistro, hotels, resorts, cruise liners or even outdoor office gardens and balconies which can last for 2-3 years or a longer time.

3 Reasons to Choose Aluminum Garden Furniture

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